Style Manual for Essays and Theses 

How often have you struggled over your creative writing or over an academic text and found that you needed help with the style and layout? Many students and scholars find difficulty in organizing their method for producing short papers, dissertations or even books. Here at last is a guide, originally developed for philosophy and theology students, but not exclusively so, which accompanies the would-be writer through the maze of style and method. One consistent approach is followed, in which method is viewed as a means rather than as an end, so that the student should be able to see the wood for the trees. This manual will come to your aid especially if you want to figure out footnotes, end notes, and bibliographies, so as to make your essay or thesis both readable and professional.
Comprehensive, yet succinct and easy to use, Fr Haffner’s style manual is an essential aid for students who want to write well and a boon to teachers who long to read better papers.

Elizabeth Lev, Professor of Art History
Duquesne University